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 photo by Marta Keil

    Grzegorz Reske

    art historian, culture manager, producer and curator of performing arts. For many years associate of The Center for Culture in Lublin, where he cofounded Centralny Theatre and „The Neighbours” festival among others. For almost two decades part of Konfrontacje Teatralne Festival team, where between 2013-2017, together with Marta Keil, had been repsonsible for artistic program. In last years he also collaborate with National Audiovisual Institute (program coordinatotion of IETM Krakow), Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw, Boguslawski Theatre in Kalisz (Kalisz Theatre Meetings program selection 2015-2017), Labirynt Gallery in Lublin. Permanent associate of East European Performing Arts Platform. Since 2017 - Board Member of IETM - International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts. Lecturer of contemporary theatre and culture management, at UMCS University of Lublin and SWPS University of Warsaw.

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