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 photo by Agencja BlowUp

    Marta Keil

    is a performing arts curator, dramaturge and researcher, currently based in Utrecht. Her curatorial and research practice seeks for reenchanting the ways of instituting in the performing arts field and building transnational alliances. She collaborates as freelance dramaturg, curator, teacher and advisor with various European institutions and artists. Currently she is a fellow of BAK (basis voor actuelle kunst) Fellowship for Situated Practice (2023-2024). She collaborates with DAS Theatre in Amsterdam as a theory tutor and with TR Warszawa as a curatorial board member. Recently, she curated an artistic research project Breaking the Spell, co-produced by Residenz Schauspiel Leipzig, München Kammerspiele, Performing Arts Institute in Warsaw and Viernulvier in Ghent (2022-2023) and collaborated with the New Theatre Institute of Latvia in Riga and Rosendal Teater in Trondheim for The Shakedown project (2022-2023). She worked as dramaturg for Teatr Polski in Bydgoszcz (2014-2016) and together with Grzegorz Reske, she co-curated the festival “Konfrontacje Teatralne” in Lublin (2013-2017). Marta edited several books on curation and contemporary choreography and regularly teaches curatorial practice, recently at the Utrecht University. She holds PhD in Culture Studies.

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